Our Students

What our students are saying about us:

“I’ve learned a lot from Cairns Language Centre and also improved my English. I love the teachers here, they’re so lovely. I met many friends here and the memories I won’t forget. I’ll miss here and work hard when I study in high school.” Zhihui

“I love this school. I already study 22 weeks in this school. CLC is like a home for me. Teachers are very friendly and nice. They teach us good English. The classroom is clean, the classmates are very friendly. Anyway, this is a good school. If I leave it, I will miss the school.” Wenbo

“The school was excellent! The teachers are very good and make interesting and colourful lessons. The school teachers really care for the students! The sport events and the trips which were organised by the school were very good and made fun.” David 

“I feel the different cultures have mixed very well thanks to all the teachers. It’s a fantastic place!” Feier

“Being here is an indescribable experience, I am sure I will grow a lot as a person with these new experiences.” Ana Paula

“Every teacher is friendly, available, generous and relaxed. The best thing here is the teachers!” Laetitia

“There is a very friendly atmosphere between students so I’m creating a lot of friendly relationships around the world.” Yann

“I dreamed I wanted to study abroad and I want to touch native English. I am a disabled person, taking a wheelchair so it was so hard for me to get over lots of hurdles but at last, I found out the school which is able to go even me. This school has a large cafeteria and a computer room, a rest room for disabled persons, etc…It’s very easy to move wherever I want now. I can concentrate to just study English. I appreciate all staffs of here.” Masako

“I very enjoyed school excursions, activities and also variety classes like IELTS, Cambridge and Business English.” Soyoung

“Thanks to the wonderful teachers, my English has improved quickly. I am grateful for the time in this school. I’m really happy about this experience and I am sure to take with me good memories for all my life.” Stefania

“Since I have arrived here, I have improved my English so much. I’ve met a lot of people from different countries and I have a lot of activities to do everyday. ” Victor