High School Preparation

How do students benefit from our programme?

We are helping children to have a successful transition into High School life. Our High School Preparation (HSP) course is a specialised programme focusing on language development and essential study skills needed for entry into an Australian government or private high school. Students receive subject-specific content that will enable them to not only comprehend but succeed in key learning areas.

Our High School Preparation is designed to:

  • facilitate English conversation proficiency to the appropriate level for a high school student in Australia
  • develop English vocabulary specifically relevant to high school subjects
  • equip students with the study skills to achieve academic success when they continue on to high school.

Students grow in confidence in expressing themselves and develop their strengths.

Cooperating with Government School Partners

We partner with Education Queensland Government International (EQI). The Queensland schools we are cooperating with cater for the individual abilities and interests of the students and provide them with a wide range of high quality study pathways. Safety, support, academic excellence and competitive costs make Queensland Government schools an outstanding choice for an overseas study experience.

Our High School Preparation ® in a Nutshell

    • Start any Monday
    • Focus on individual needs of students
    • Quality assurance: small class sizes and outstanding results. Our teachers are highly experienced and qualified in the Australian school system.
    • 100% successful transition to High School
    • Our partnership with Education Queensland International (EQI) provides individual support from the time of your arrival in Cairns.
    • We work together with caring and specially selected host families to support students in achieving their best.
    •  Children study alongside other international students who are also motivated to pursue high academic standards.
    • Weekly scheduled sport and other social activities
    • Regular testing and assessment
    • Quality Homestay Families

Additional Allowances : Pocket Money /Living Expenses

  • With Homestay AU $ 95 per week ++
  • Bicycle hire AU $ 12-30 per week ++
  • Optional Extras.. Sports AU $ 0-15 per week ++
    ++ Approximate costings

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High School Preparation ® I, II, III
Programme Description Quality High School Preparation ® Programme with rigorous curricula, special subject focus, high school integration, social development services and character building
Skill Development Focus
  • English grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • English for Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences

Student Ages

12 – 17 years
Duration 10 – 30 weeks (start any Monday)
Hours 25 hours per week (full-time)
Entry Requirements Prior academic history
CRICOS Codes 050281E, 050282D, 050283C
TUITION AND FEES 2017 High School Preparation ® I, II, III
Course Fee
(25 hours per week = 30 lessons, 10 week duration)
AU$3,450 (AU$345 per week)
Enrolment Fee AU$200
Textbooks / Resources
(per term of 10 weeks)
Activities / Excursions
(per term of 10 weeks)
Guardianship AU$48 per week
Accommodation Placement AU$200
Homestay (Full Board)
(per week)
AU$268 (Homestay fees do not include daily transfers.)

Please note that ISLPR and IELTS fees are additional.

Queensland Government schools provide students with a wide range of high quality study pathways. Safety, support, academic excellence and competitive costs make Queensland Government schools an outstanding choice for an overseas study experience.

  • Junior High School (years 7 to 10)
  • Senior High School (years 11 and 12)
  • Cooperating with EQI allows our students strong and flexible pathways with universities and vocational education providers, with opportunities to study university subjects in high school and obtain entry and credit towards university studies.

Academic Excellence and integrated University Pathways

  • internationally recognised high school qualification that combines theoretical and practical learning to equip students for tertiary studies and professional careers
  • approximately 95% of Queensland Government high school students receive an offer to a tertiary institution
  • schools that are winners of Australia wide mathematics, English, science, economics, radio and broadcasting, music and computer industry awards

Quality Assurance

  • Registered teachers at Queensland Government high schools hold a minimum of a four year undergraduate university degree, many with postgraduate qualifications.
  • Small class sizes: with a limit on the number of students in each class in all junior and senior high school grades.

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