Cairns Language Centre is an authorised exam centre for Cambridge University

Cambridge English examinations offer a wealth of opportunities for candidates to upgrade their language skills and gain a portable, internationally recognized qualification which can be used for study, employment or immigration purposes.

The examinations can be taken at different levels from the Key English test (KET) to Certificate in Proficiency in English (CPE) and in different fields such as the high-demand Business English Certificates (BEC) or BULATS.

CLC offers intensive (10-12 week) preparation courses which allow candidates to:

  • Improve their skills
  • Practise the exam formats
  • Gain confidence prior to sitting the examinations.
 These courses are held throughout the year and co-ordinate with the exam schedule.

Our Cambridge Examination courses will enable you to follow academic courses at university level. You will gain the skills to communicate effectively at a professional level and participate with confidence in the workplace.

We guarantee a small number of students in all our classes. Your teachers will provide you with highly focused and structured lessons that will enable you to optimize, practice and prepare for your examination day. They are all professionals who hold many years of experience preparing students for the Cambridge examinations and helping them reach their goals.

Why Take the Cambridge English Examinations?

Our Cambridge Examination Preparation courses are designed for students who want the maximum amount of progress with a focus on tertiary education entry and / or Australian resident visas.

Cambridge Examination Preparation in a Nutshell

  • Classes are limited to maximum of 14 students
  • Students are pre-tested on arrival
  • You will have practice examinations under exam conditions
  • Students are assessed each week and provided daily homework
  • We provide additional listening exercises to help you succeed in the exam
  • We offer individual counselling and tutorials for students
PET, FCE, CAE, CPE Course Details
Duration 10 – 12 weeks
Hours 25 hours per week
Levels Intermediate level or above
Entry Requirements Tourist Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Student Visa.Registered courses ® of more than 12 weeks usually require a student visa.
CRICOS Code 032437F, 032436G
Cambridge Examination
CRICOS Course Codes: 032437F and 032436G
Enrolment Fee AU$200
Materials and Resources Fee AU$50
20 Hours Per Week Tuition
(CRICOS Code: 032437F)
AU$3500 – 10 weeks (January & June)
AU$3900 – 12 weeks (March & September)
25 Hours Per Week Tuition
(CRICOS Code: 032436G)
AU$4500 – 10 weeks (January & June)
AU$5100 – 12 weeks (March & September)
Examination Fees AU$320 for FCE, CAE, CPE
(incl. GST, to be paid 8 weeks prior to examination)
AU$280 for PET, KET
(incl. GST, to be paid 8 weeks prior to examination)

Please note that Enrolment, Materials and Resources Fees are one-time and non-refundable payments.

Preliminary English Test
First Certificate in English
The PET exam shows that you have mastered the basics of English and now have practical language skills for everyday use. With this level of English you will enjoy holidays in English speaking countries. This exam demonstrates that a student can use English confidently in a variety of situations and is proof of ability and skill to take a course of study in English or work in the office.
Certificate in Advanced English
Certificate on Proficiency in English
The CAE exam is for students at advanced levels who may need English for work at a professional or managerial level or who want to follow a course of academic study at university level. The CPE is a very high level exam providing students proof of ability to that of an educated native English speaker. This exam is ideal for students who wish to hold proof of ability to cope at a high academic or professional level.
The Cambridge Examination Preparation course is a 10-week (starts January & June) or 12-week programme (starts March & September). Exam dates are set by Cambridge University. Listening and speaking exams are held two weeks prior to written examinations.
Course Duration
Course Dates
Written Exam Dates
PET 10 weeks
12 weeks
12 weeks
Monday 8 January – Friday 16 March 2018
Monday 12 March – Friday 1 June 2018
Monday 17 September – Friday 7 December 2018
Saturday 17 March 2018
Thursday 7 June 2018
Friday 7 December 2018
FCE 10 weeks
12 weeks
10 weeks
12 weeks
Monday 8 January – Friday 16 March 2018
Monday 19 March – Friday 8 June 2018
Monday 11 June – Friday 17 August 2018
Monday 10 September – Friday 30 November 2018
Friday 16 March 2018
Tuesday 12 June 2018
Thursday 23 August 2018
Tuesday 4 December 2018
CAE 10 weeks
12 weeks
10 weeks
12 weeks
Monday 8 January – Friday 16 March 2018
Monday 19 March – Friday 8 June 2018
Monday 18 June – Friday 24 August 2018
Monday 10 September – Friday 30 November 2018
Saturday 17 March 2018
Wednesday 13 June 2018
Friday 24 August 2018
Wednesday 5 December 2018
CPE 12 weeks
12 weeks
Monday 19 March – Friday 8 June 2018
Monday 10 September – Friday 30 November 2018
Thursday 14 June 2018
Thursday 6 December 2018

Please note that PET courses are subject to student numbers

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